Docker Pulls at the Top of the Swiss Alps

By Darragh Grealish | March 16, 2018

This week we are up in Ftan, Switzerland, staying and working from an amazing place hosted by Alpine Co-Working and SoCrates CH

And performing docker pulls reliably at 1600 Meters :)

We are here attending both a Software-Craftsmanship Un-Conference and working remote for our clients. As we believe in the value of Software-Craftmanship, sharing and reflecting on our understandings in the fast-moving tech industry as it is today. The SoCraTes CH community brings together like-minded people that have passion and concern for good maintainable software, and the industry as a whole. It’s also an awesome place to work remotely with reliable infrastructure too!

Its the highest the blue Docker whale has been :)

Being able to work remotely, co-located and reliable, where one can easily access the outdoors for skiing, snowshoeing, or just soaking up the Swiss Alpine air brings a positive balance back into your life which is priceless concerning the productivity you win in your work.

As technology advances allowing us to collaborate in a more remote context at the same time not compromising in the values of communication that is required to share ideas. This is where co-working coupled with the outdoors activities add an entirely different perspective to work-life balance.

What is SoCraTes CH About?

A global community of passionate software craftsmanship focused engineers, project managers and tech leaders that share a common concern to improve one’s craft. The three-day meetup layout is in a un-conference style that stimulates excellent discussions that only happen during coffee-breaks in larger formalized conferences. The two days of sessions are in the morning. People can bring and take what topics they wish from both an educating or reflection view. My personal favourite is the Fishbowl discussions, as it allows for a large group to engage together in a fair and balanced discussion.

Whats Alpine Co-Working?

Co-Working but at 1,600 meters in the Alps, they realise, facilitate and enable working in non-traditional workplaces. Both are providing the required hospitality and infrastructure in fantastic locations in the Swiss Alps and abroad. This is the second year working together with SoCraTes CH, and so far it’s been an amazing experience for many. Now, they are bringing their passion for productive and inspiring workplaces into the office.

Alpine Co-Working allows us to be both productive and comfortable to focus on challenging tasks that require high-level cognitive thinking, and in most cases, it’s faster than the office! Can’t beat 100Mbit+ performance!


It’s also an awesome place to reliably work remotely with stable fast infrastructure

This week we’ve been focusing on Cloud Native related topics and working heavily on docker locally, doing presentations and workshops as part of SoCraTes CH. everything from minikube startto docker pull :)

If you find co-locating yourself and working remotely inspiring and see the value of this along with Software-Craftsmanship

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