DockerCon 2018 Barcelona Preview

By Brian Christner | December 2, 2018

Journey to DockerCon 2018 Barcelona

DockerCon returns to Barcelona after first appearing in the beautiful city back in 2015. A lot has transpired with Docker and the industry since we were last in Barcelona. The community continues to grow, containers have now become the standard when building Cloud Native applications, and now Kubernetes is part of almost every discussion when talking about Orchestration.

The 56K.Cloud team is traveling from cold Switzerland and even colder Sweden to attend nice and warm Barcelona for DockerCon. The weather forecast is predicting t-shirt weather which I am not complaining at all. As we make our way towards Barcelona so too does the estimated 3,000 attendees from around the world.

Time to meet new people

I look forward to meeting new people where ever I go. It makes a bit easier when I know that people are already interested in talking about Docker, DevOps, Cloud, and general tech. If you see me, Darragh or Julien at DockerCon makes sure to stop us and say hi!

I volunteered at DockerCon San Francisco 2018 as a Docker Guide. It was an excellent experience for me. The Docker Pals / Guide program matches experienced DockerCon attendees with first-time attendees. In San Francisco, I met some great people and was able to share some insights into the conference, ecosystem, and vendors. I again volunteered to be a Guide in Barcelona, and I look forward to meeting my new Pals and sharing experiences with them.

Find out more about Docker & Mulesoft Partnership

This DockerCon we set out to learn more about the Docker & Mulesoft partnership. It is interesting to understand how Mulesoft integrates into the Docker products. Mulesoft for those that don’t know is an API platform which makes creating and using APIs much more accessible. Not quite sure at what level it integrate but very interesting for our customers and me.

Not only is the Mulesoft partnership exciting but the company behind Mulesoft which is SalesForce. What role will SalesForce have in the partnership if any? These are all questions I am determined to answer in the coming days.

Talk to vendors

The great thing about conferences is to get all the vendors you would like to talk within a single location. Many times we speak via email, Twitter, or other mediums regarding product updates and general questions. I also find it is an excellent opportunity to get to know the vendors better as many times the vendor stands have a mix of people around from Developers, Founders, and Sales. It allows us to get a full picture of a product or team as you can get answers from all different angles.

I am especially interested during the conference to learn what the vendors are doing in Security, Infrastructure as Code, and Serverless spaces.

Docker Monitoring & Logging Workshop

We have been asked by Docker to present our Docker Monitoring & Logging workshop twice. It is a workshop which I enjoy presenting as it covers one of my passions monitoring. We quickly cover the concepts and different observability models before we jump right in and get hands-on with Logging and Monitoring tools. The workshop is less about presenting and more about getting familiar with the tools.

We cover the basics of what is included natively with Docker, and we slowly expand out until we build a full ELK stack (Elastic Search, Log stash, and Kibana) for logging and a Prometheus stack for monitoring in two hours. Yikes, it is fast-paced, but everything is available online for future reference.


My flight is now descending into Barcelona where I am excited to start the week. Stay tuned for a week full of news, inside scoops, and general industry news.

PS KubeCon

Anyone attending KubeCon Seattle 2018 in December? Our very own Julien Bisconti presents a Deep Dive into Chaos Engineering. Be sure to join his session and say hi link to the talk