Docker Pulls at the Top of the Swiss Alps

This week we are up in Ftan, Switzerland, staying and working from an amazing place hosted by Alpine Co-Working and SoCrates CH And performing docker pulls reliably at 1600 Meters :) We are here attending both a Software-Craftsmanship Un-Conference and working remote for our clients. As we believe in the value of Software-Craftmanship, sharing and reflecting on our understandings in the fast-moving tech industry as it is today.

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56K.Cloud Launch

The 56K.Cloud Launch We are happy to announce the official launch of 56K.Cloud. The Co-Founders Darragh Grealish and Brian Christner worked together on several projects ranging from Google GTUG, Akamai CDN, Swisscom Cloud, and more. Seperately, we consulted on various projects for Cloud, Containers, DevOps, and Training. We have joined forces under one umbrella and formed 56K.Cloud GmbH (LLC,LTD in Switzerland). The preparation that has gone into this launch is incredible.

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