Open Source

DockerCon 2018 Barcelona Preview

Journey to DockerCon 2018 Barcelona DockerCon returns to Barcelona after first appearing in the beautiful city back in 2015. A lot has transpired with Docker and the industry since we were last in Barcelona. The community continues to grow, containers have now become the standard when building Cloud Native applications, and now Kubernetes is part of almost every discussion when talking about Orchestration. The 56K.Cloud team is traveling from cold Switzerland and even colder Sweden to attend nice and warm Barcelona for DockerCon.

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How open source helped me get a good job

Photo by Rye Jessen on Unsplash TLDR: It took years but it paid off and it is thanks to the people I’ve met along the way. Starting with the Linux kernel In 2006, in order to get my degree, I had to write a thesis about MPLS networks. I was waiting for servers (racks) to arrive so I could test my code and while waiting, I was looking for a way to test locally patched Linux kernel modules.

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