Remote Working

Bootstrapping a Family Friendly Technology Company

Bootstrapping a Family Friendly Technology Company Back in January this year, Darragh and I launched our startup “56K.Cloud”. Darragh and I took time to write down our core values which were both from a company perspective and our experiences important to us and our families, as both of us, are married with kids. The risk associated with founding a company along with maintaining a manageable work-life balance meant allot to us.

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Docker Pulls at the Top of the Swiss Alps

This week we are up in Ftan, Switzerland, staying and working from an amazing place hosted by Alpine Co-Working and SoCrates CH And performing docker pulls reliably at 1600 Meters :) We are here attending both a Software-Craftsmanship Un-Conference and working remote for our clients. As we believe in the value of Software-Craftmanship, sharing and reflecting on our understandings in the fast-moving tech industry as it is today.

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