Our training concept is simple. Hands-on, real-world examples, customized to your specific environment (Cloud, application, and use/business cases). Brian Christner, a Docker Captain, is proud to be teaching Docker since the very beginning and works very closely with Docker on various projects. Darragh Grealish is our DevOps / SRE master. He brings years of experience to the training presenting both the best practices as well as how it works in production.

What Does Our Training Include

Not only do we provide training but we also offer pre-training calls and after training support. We also host special training events in the Swiss Alps where we can take advantage of the great outdoors as well as immerse in the different subjects.

  1. Welcome mail/checklist
  2. 30 days of Slack support after the course concludes
  3. One scheduled follow-up call.
  4. Training content made available via Git.
  5. Additional Ressources and Labs

Docker Training

  • Introduction Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Native
  • Docker Overview
  • Docker CLI Overview
  • Web apps and Docker
  • Write Dockerfiles
  • Build a monitoring stack
  • Deploy apps to Swarm
  • Create a Docker Build pipeline
  • Docker Swarm & Kubernetes
  • Sponsor Labs

Kubernetes Training

  • Kubernetes Overview (Architecture and concepts)
  • Install Minikube
  • Kubectl CLI overview
  • Kubernetes Pods
  • Deployment (Scaling, labeling, health checks)
  • Kubernetes logging, monitoring and securing containers.
  • Custom content (Typically, one “hello world” use case application)
  • Kubernetes on AWS

DevOps Training

  • Introduction to DevOps concepts (CI/CD, Available Tools, Best Practices)
  • Install/Configure GitLab
  • Create build and deployment pipelines
  • Integration Testing

Free Cloud Native Introduction

  • Cloud Native Overview
  • Architecture Concepts
  • Landscape
  • Best Practices

In case you haven’t found the answer to your question please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.