End-to-End automation of your infrastructure and applications which enables reproducible and version controlled enviornments.


Leverage the Cloud Architecture best practice in combination with Automation to deliver maxiumum performance while reducing your Cloud monthly costs.

Docker & Kubernetes

Containerize Applications or Deploy a Container Orchestrator such as Docker Swarm or Kubernetes and integrate it into your DevOps workflow.


Infrastructure as Code to building CI/CD pipelines we enable your company with the latest DevOps tools and best practices.

Monitoring & Security

One of our passions is monitoring. We have developed custom monitoring tools to keep you informed about your business decisions and infrastrucutre.


56K.Cloud’s training program provides hands-on training use real-world examples and use cases. Our Training program covers Cloud, Containers, and DevOps.

Do you want to see more?

We have developed Managed Services full well architected solutions battle-tested and well-documented.

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