A Look Back at DockerCon San Francisco

By Brian Christner | May 16, 2018

A Look Back at DockerCon San Francisco

Darragh and I traveled last week to DockerCon, located in beautiful San Francisco. We had great weather the entire week, an amazing conference, and made a ton of new connections. The conference was held at the Moscone convention center which was a first for both of us and an exciting place to visit considering the tech history. We had a full schedule as I was speaking at two separate sessions and a guide to DockerCon first timers for the Docker Pals track. Darragh was just as busy hosting Hallway tracks and co-hosting our Docker & IOT talk.

The first day kicked off with some big announcements coming from Docker such as Docker EE Federation which allows you to provision and manage Kubernetes cluster on Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or On-Prem directly through Docker EE. This will enable us to create and manage true Hybrid applications and manage where they run either on Cloud or On-Prem easily.

Next, we received a preview of the future vision of Docker for Desktop. The idea here is to be able to manage and maintain container baseline templates for developers. This enables developers with little to no command line experience to get up and running with containers quickly while being able to standardize the developer environment in the enterprise. Actually, after seeing the demo we have come up with some use cases of our own and cannot wait to get our hands on the Beta when it comes available.

Docker Logging & Monitoring Workshop

I had the pleasure to co-host the Docker Logging and Monitoring workshop together with Docker’s John Harris. We had a great time presenting the workshop to a full session. The workshop focused on the native logging & monitoring tools available in Docker as a basis. We then built upon the native tools to introduce shipping logs to ELK for logging and setting up a Prometheus stack during the monitoring section.

The attendees to the session walked away with a strong basis for logging and monitoring. If you are interested to try the session yourself it is available on GitHub - Docker Monitoring & Logging Repo

Docker & IOT Controlling Things with Containers

Darragh and I presented Docker & IOT (Internet of Things) to a sold-out session of 500+ which we then repeated on Friday. We were both really pleased to hear about the attendance of the session. We were able to cover some great use cases and how Docker & IOT are truly a great fit.

It was very apparent to us that IOT will only continue to grow in interest. Combining Docker with IOT provides more possibilities and flexibility to perform DevOps to Things or Factory Floors opening up an entirely new way to bring technology to things which were never imagined previously.

DockerCon in Review

The event was an absolute blast! We met Docker colleagues which we only communicated with via Slack/email previously and made entirely new connections as well. The DockerCon organizers really went above and beyond to accommodate not only all the attendees but also spouses with spousetivities and people with kids as well.

My favorite talk was hands down the end of day two, the Cool Hacks session. The first cool hack was by Christopher Heistand from John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. He presented how they use Docker to perform hardware testing for the DART Satellite mission. The mission is basically to shoot down asteroids that could possibly hit earth which could have significant impact. In other words, they are using Docker to save the World! Not only was it a super interesting topic but Christopher is a great presenter as well.

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To summarize our trip, it was so good for us and 56K.Cloud as a company that we are already planning to attend DockerCon EU in Barcelona Dec. 2-5. If you are attending, please let us know so we can meet!

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