Experts Live Switzerland 2018

By Brian Christner | May 14, 2018

2018 Experts Live Switzerland Recap

I had the pleasure of working with the head of Experts Live conferences Marcel Zehner when he reached out to interview me for the X-Talk video series. After we recorded the video Marcel introduced me to Experts Live Switzerland and asked if I would be interested to present Docker. But of course!

Experts Live Switzerland is part of the greater Experts Live organization which hosts conferences around the world. The organization was founded 2009 in Amsterdam and has since grown to cover Europe, North America, South America and now venturing in Asian Pacific region as well. The organization has deep roots with Microsoft and was founded by Microsoft MVP’s and continues to have Microsoft MVP’s part of the board and steering committee.

Experts Live Switzerland was hosted in one of my favorite Swiss cities, Berne. Berne is a medieval city which is circled by the Aare river. The old town has beautiful arcades which cover the walkways, typical Swiss clock towers, and tons of interesting fountains with statues throughout. With previous residents such as Einstein it could not be a better place for hosting such a event.

Berne, Switzerland old town

2018 Experts Live Switzerland Conference

The venue of the conference was at Welle7 which is located right above the Berne SBB train platforms. Talk about connivence for commuters from other parts of Switzerland like myself. This was my first time visiting Welle7 and it is a really interesting concept. It contains Schools, Offices, co-working, and conference rooms with a giant food court located at the bottom floor.

Keynote: The end of IT Professionals by Marcel Zehner

The keynote was really interesting as it covered many aspects of IT and how it important it is for us as IT experts to stay and continuously challenge ourselves to remain relevant.

Marcel also touched on the technologies which to adapt to new technologies like Serverless, DevOps, and Containers.

One of the attendee Philip Büchler in the audience was creating some amazing doodles about each session. Here is the recap of the Keynote in doodle form:

Doodle by Philip Büchler

I attended several sessions learning the most I have in a long time about Microsoft Azure and the offerings available and new things coming like a Data Center in Geneva soon to be opened.


I would have to say that it was some of the best networking I have done in a long time. I made some solid connections and ran into some previous colleagues as well. Since the event was held in German I really had to force myself to get out and try and talk with everyone “auf Deutsch” :)

Docker & Kubernetes

I had the opportunity to introduce the conference to Cloud Native and the new features of Docker and how Kubernetes is now integrated. It was a great room full of attendees. Here are the Docker & Kubernetes slides so you can find out what Docker has been up to.

Docker & Kubernetes Session

In Summary of Experts Live Switzerland

The event was very well organized and communication was superb all the way leading up to the event. Everything worked smooth like a Swiss watch. The speakers room was laid out with a coffee machine, drinks and a nice area to prepare.

How can I better praise an event you ask? Directly after giving my presentation I submitted a CFP for Experts Live Europe which today was approved! So if you want to see this great conference for yourself be sure to sign up and both Darragh and I will see you October in Prague!

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